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  • "Kind lovely people, who take the time to listen to your problems about hair"
    Marilyn Adcock (Facebook) Reviewed TrichoCentre – 5*
  • "I was very pleased indeed with my consultation with Ben at the Trichocentre. He has a very friendly and honest manner. He made a very satisfying examination & with his plan for recovery of loss of hair i walked away with my worry & burden of hair loss lifted. I was particularly impressed that he genuinely seeks the best option rather than a money making option. I highly recommend anyone with hair issues to see him."
    Donna Ohin (Google) Reviewed TrichoCentre – 5*
  • "Ben the Head Trichologist at TrichoCentre provides an excellent informative relaxing experience. Ben creates a level of trust and none money motivated care to provide help whilst straight avoiding the selling of 'commercial products' that you may be exposed to when seeing a larger organisation. a very well trained individual i would highly recommend any individual to use TirchoCentre, for a guaranteed professional helpful service."
    Darius Rory (Facebook) Reviewed TrichoCentre – 5*
  • Rachel Scotney
    Registered Nurse and Aesthetic Practitioner (Facebook) Reviewed TrichoCentre – 5*
  • "Just like to say I have been seeing Benedetto for the past 3 weeks with a problem scalp and hair loss. His patience and ability to explain what is going on with my hair and scalp has been faultless - I am not a vain person but the hair loss was really upsetting - now I realise that help is out there and  understand that hair takes a while to recover and regrow.  I feel much better knowing that I am working with a professional and getting things sorted. Thanks. Bernedetto."
    Jo-Anne Mannion Review sent by Patient to The Institute of Trichologists London
  • Stephanie Moore  
    Consultant Trichologist (Facebook) Reviewed TrichoCentre – 5*
  • "After thinking my thinning hair was partly a result of growing older and probably in my genes anyway I took the plunge to see Ben at the trichocentre for advice. Thank goodness I did. From the initial consultation and tests Ben was able to reassure me and diagnose very quickly. I now take two supplements that will make me feel much better and in turn restore my lovely locks back to health. I am so pleased that I went to see Ben as my GP really wasn't interested. Ben is very passionate about his work and I am very thankful for his help and advice. Highly recommend."
    Kay Evans (Google) Reviewed TrichoCentre – 5*
  • "I’ve finally got the confidence to leave the house again. Everyone needs a Ben in their life! Thank you!"
    Kay Hardie
  • Sarah-jane Thomas

    Hair Stylist and Salon Owner (Facebook) Reviewed TrichoCentre – 5*
  • "After several months of worrying about my thinning hair I decided to visit Ben for a consultation and I’m really pleased I did. He was very friendly and welcoming and asked lots of questions about my lifestyle, diet, medication and family history to gain as much information as possible. He also carefully and thoroughly examined my scalp before make a diagnosis and treatment recommendations. I am very happy with my treatment plan and would definitely recommend the Trichocentre to anyone suffering from problems with their hair."
    Katy Cipriani (Facebook) Reviewed TrichoCentre – 5*
  • Jackie Beckett
    Reviewed TrichoCentre – 5* Facebook
  • "Had an ongoing issue with shedding hair and after a thorough examination and consultation ,some blood tests were advised which Ben organised with my GP.The underlying cause was detected and a course of action was planned. A simple vitamin supplement has now changed everything. Shedding is now minimal and hair is thicker than before. Ben was very understanding and kept in touch through the entire process. I would highly recommend the Trichocentre to anyone that is experiencing concerns or problems with their hair. I cannot thank Ben enough for his expert advice,after years of being "fobbed" off by other Health Care professionals."
    Helen Farmer (Facebook) Reviewed TrichoCentre – 5*
  • "I think TrichoCentre are doing a great job helping people with something that isn't traditionally viewed as a major cause for concern. I've seen Ben for a full consultation - it was thorough, informative and suggested a course of action. Ben offered reassurance that things will improve and although only at the start of this journey, I am hoping my hair will bring me joy again. Ben has clearly got a lot of knowledge in this field and is passionate about what he does. I have also appreciated the flexibility of his approach and continued support throughout the treatment."
    Anna Turner (Facebook) Reviewed TrichoCentre – 5*
  • Kate Spinoza
    Consultant Trichologist (Facebook) Reviewed TrichoCentre – 5*
  • "I went to see Ben 7 months ago because I had thinning hair. Ben gave me alot of helpul advice on how to look after my hair and reassured me that, given my age (69) and a medical condition, things were'nt as bad as I'd thought. He prescribed a treatment to be applied to the front of my scalp (my main problem area) and said this would help maintain/preserve my hair and it might also promote new growth. 7 months on the area is doing well - no more loss and some new hair growth visible. Needless to say I'm very pleased with this outcome! I will definitely continue with the treatment and seek Bren's advice if I have any further problems. Val - Lincolnshire"
    Tony Delve O/B of Val Delve (Facebook) Reviewed TrichoCentre – 5*
  • Marta Kurzawska 
    Consultant Trichologist (Facebook) Reviewed TrichoCentre – 5*
  • "Since having my baby a year ago my usually thick long hair was shedding excessively I have been to see Ben who thoroughly examined my scalp recommended a care regime to help the scalp and sent a letter to my GP requesting a blood test to test numerous things. Ben was very reassuring and put my mind at ease that we would find a cause and be able to treat it. He explained everything extremely well at our consultation and followed this with a written report confirming what he had said at our meeting and what would happen next. Would highly recommend for anyone with hair problems."
    Francheska Alice Owen (Facebook) Reviewed TrichoCentre – 5*
  • Carla Laughton
    Reviewed TrichoCentre – 5* Facebook
  • "When I eventually went to see Ben as my hair wasn't really growing much & I thought it had thinned out Ben was thorough asking questions about my health,lifestyle & any stresses in life that could contribute to my hair & scalp condition,he also went through my medication too.I had my bloods done by my gp on Bens advice & found my iron was low which wouldn't help my hair growth. Ben advised I used a certain shampoo for my scalp & iron tablets & advised how to look after my hair.Ben doesn't mind talking in depth to me about any concerns I have & is very reassuring to me.The Trichocentre is affordable too & I would recommend anyone to try the centre out with any issues with their hair or scalp problems.."
    Lisa Golding (Facebook) Reviewed TrichoCentre – 5*
  • Susanna Page
    Reviewed TrichoCentre – 5* Facebook
  • "I visited the Trichocentre when I noticed that my hair was thinning significantly. I was made to feel welcome and at ease. Ben asked lots of questions about my lifestyle, diet, mediciation and family history and thoroughly examined my hair and scalp before making any treatment recommendations. I am very happy with my treatment plan and would highly recommend the Trichocentre to anyone worried or concerned about their hair."
    Katy Cipriani (Google) Reviewed TrichoCentre – 5*

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