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Our qualified Trichologist studied at the prestigious Institute of Trichologists London between 2013 - 2020 and was awarded the John Firmage Certificate of Distinction in recognition of his work in this field. He was shortlisted for the ‘Outstanding Trichologist Newcomer’ Award at the Hair Science Awards in 2018  and was selected as one of six finalists across the whole of the UK for the Aesthetic Medicine Awards 2022 – Hair Restoration Practitioner/ Clinic of the Year category.


Concerned about your hair or scalp

  • Hair loss  

    Hair loss

    Hair loss can be worrying and can cause feelings of anxiety and stress. The good news is that there are a number of options available to either address the problem or slow the process. We can take you through the available options to decide which the best is for you. 

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  • Scalp conditions  

    Scalp conditions

    Whether you are suffering from a short lived scalp condition or
    long term scalp issues, treatments are available to prevent recurrent issues. We can take you through the available options to decide which the best is for you. 

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Treatment Results

View our successful treatments allowing clients to get their confidence back, their lives back and themselves back.

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A trichology consultation will usually take 30 minutes to an hour. During your Initial In-Person Consultation you should expect a thorough examination of your hair and scalp. Digital trichoscopy or "hairmapping" is included. It helps look at your skin, hair and follicles under great magnification to give an honest and accurate diagnosis.

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I have been seeing Ben for a few months and have been really impressed with his work and support. He is highly knowledgeable about hair loss and has been brilliant in proposing a range of treatment options. Each stage of the treatment process is fully explained in terms that help me understand the issues and make informed decisions about the best way to proceed and achieve the outcomes I am hoping for. Using DNA profiling and cutting edge techniques, I am very pleased with the results so far. He was recommended to me by a friend and I only wish I had found him sooner.

Billy Zaidi

I went for my first appointment with apprehension but I needn't have worried as on meeting Ben realised that he wasn't scary at all but kind and caring. He is an expert in Trichology and has the ability to share his expertise by giving helpful information in a way that put me at ease and made me feel better able to cope with my scalp problem. Ben advised a treatment at the Salon, where I met Sabrina who did the treatment and who was also kind and friendly.

I hope to be continuing to get help from Ben in the future.

Brenda Dunstone

Ben is very easy to talk to. The consultation was easy and not rushed. I have lived with alopecia for many years however recently things have progressed beyond a manageble level. I know how upsetting it feels not to be in control of the situation and how easy it would be to part with money out of desperation, however Ben did not coerce me into expensive treatments or products, instead suggested, and made me comfortable about making small changes to begin with and monitoring for a while before deciding anything further. He also offered to speak directly to my hairdresser regarding colouring techniques to protect my scalp during root tints and offered a check up free of charge in between appointments.
This compounded my confidence in him and believe that he is truly passionate in doing the best he can for his clients.

Tracey English

After a very disappointing and unhelpful consultation with a dermatologist, I decided to research trichologists. I'm so glad I found Ben! His approach is nurturing, friendly, thorough and scientific - much more than my dermatologist was. He helped me see things clearer than I have in a long time. I'd happily recommend Ben to anyone for hair and scalp issues!

Danni Chambers

Ben was very welcoming and kind, putting me at ease very quickly. His calm and professional manner is second to none and he takes the time to explain things properly to you. Would highly recommend if anyone is worried about hair loss, don't give up , talk to someone who actually understands hair.

Sue Hubbard